Margin Call (2012)

This film is a sort of diamond in the rough. The basic jest is that it follows a certain wall street company over the first day or so of the economic crash. So as you can imagine for those in the building it is end of the world type stuff. But as we are all raised on films that suggest the world isn’t ending unless a national monument blows up, it is quite hard to get the full gravity of the situation the cast is in.

But this film is so well written and so amazingly acted that you get gripped simply on the actors performances and well crafted dialogue.  The film features a surprising all star cast with- Stan (the man) Tucci, Jeremy Irons, Kevin Spacey, Zachery (Young Spock) Quinto, Demi Moore and a who’s who of TV actors. It annoys me how superb this film is and how it hasn’t been nominated for any thing. This is the type of power house acted drama that isnt a common accurance in film these days, more recently with Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. But the formation of a large number of actors that can act actually on board in the same film together is rare and shouldn’t be ignored. But for some reason this film is beaing ignored. Could it be the sensitive topic of the wall street crash? Could it be that it’s style is a little to indie? Who knows.

Another fantastic thing about this film is that outstanding speeches given. There are four through out but three that are truly great from Stanley Tucci, Paul Bettany and Jeremy Irons.


With immense acting and a possibly over looked rising star award for Zachery Quinto, this film holds together nicely. A true masterclass in acting. But the story at times just doesnt grip you like it should.

Best line in the film: It’s a
tie between eitherBut that’s spilt milk under the bridge now– Jeremy Irons or my personal favorite- I’m well aware of the fucking time- Paul Battany


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