Shame (2012)

The basic premise is that the film is about a sex addict. Who’s life comes tumbling down after Michael Fassbender’s sister Carey Mullighan moves in with him. After less than 5 minutes or so, it is clear that this film is no joke. This doesn’t hold back on pulling any punches and will leave you stunned.

One thing I love most about this film is how non-main stream this film is. After Hunger put Steve McQueen and Michael Fassbender on the movie map as it were in 2009. Any serious man would have put a chance on Steve McQueen doing something popular that people liked. But instead produces this masterpiece. Which is just as compelling and cinematically beautiful as Hunger, if not more so.

The most interesting point this film raises is that beyond the sex addiction Michael Fassbender’s character is a completely normal guy and even though sex addiction isn’t commonly speculated as a serious addiction it was interesting to see this harrowing drama unfold.

The film is darkly beautiful, you don’t have to be a cinema whizz to notice how stunning McQueen’s directing is. There are many scene’s that are static and filmed with the use of one shot through out. Which only improves on pointing out how superb the acting is. Both Michael Fassbender and Carey Mullighan are amazing as the dysfunctional brother and sister. And this leads me on to my next point about Award nominations…

Everything about this film is award worthy, the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the screenplay and especially the music which is at time’s so amazingly blinding you can’t help but get lost in the emotion. But as Sid Gibson declares now and will continue to express is that as the Oscars and in part the Bafta’s as well are being naive little children this year and putting films up for nominations that hardly deserve them. And putting the more hard-hitting and more award worthy films away in the shadows. For example the cancer comedy 50/50, this the sex addiction drama Shame and the economy crashing drama Margin Call. The award ceremony’s should nominate films because there great, not just because everyone went to go see them. Yes, Micheal Fassbender is nominated for best actor and yes, 50/50 is nominated for best screenplay but they all deserve so much more.


Shame is the most compelling, fearless and powerful film of 2012. This may captivate some and scar others.

Best line in the film:Hard to say with such a hard hitting drama so I’m gunna go with- After a minute or so after the credits began a lady three rows behind me said “Well there was a lot of nudity in that”.

I was also very surprised to see how many couple’s there were in the cinema. Is the sex addict drama the new date movie?


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