Gravesend (1997)

The film follows four friends in Brooklyn across one night as there troubles escalate and their friendships are put to the test. Presented as an Oliver Stone film directed by Salvatore Stabile and featuring a cast full of entirely unknowns and by unknown I do mean that for some this is the only film they’ve been in. So I would say that this is one of the best films no one has ever herd of.

Beneath the surface the film itself is the perfect study of how intense the repercussions of human behavior effect those around you.  However the surface presents it as 4 kids struggling to get by in a city that is riddled by gang violence and torment. The film is the sort of film where, everything that realistically could go bad- does.

The acting is superb and at times you do get the feeling that you are watching a documentary, which is great because all four cast members get the chance to present their acting abilities. It is just a shame that none of them pursued there acting careers fully. Especially in the case for perhaps the most annoying but best acted character- Zane, played by (because you’re so gunna know) Tony Tucci.

At times the film reminisces Pulp Fiction, LA HAINE and Basketball Diaries in the sense of attitudes and events. However the one thing that totally stands on it’s own is the editing. Now you don’t have to be a film whiz to marvel at the genius editing technique that is used. When reached with a different scenario, the film cuts between the reaction and either the seconds before the action or during the event. Which just helps enhance the change between character dynamics and you never truly know how to feel towards any of the characters through out. Although the only bad point about the editing is that at times you cannot be unsure about whether or not you will return back to the scene and a certain scene in particular is kind of left hanging.


This loud, original and at times heartfelt look at life in Brooklyn focuses more on the harsh attitudes and reckless behavior of the life within crime and focuses almost entirely on the emotions of the characters and doesn’t shy away from pulling the emotional punches, especially with the literally jaw dropping ending. It is just a disappointment that no one has ever seen or herd of this film.

Best Line in the Film:“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world”. For a very unexpected 5 minutes the film actually slows down. Only so the characters can come sit in peace with each other and awkwardly sing Louis Armstrong.


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