Space Jam (1996)

This fails to incorporate the magic and joy that the original TV cartoon had and just ends up being a basket ball movie with one of the craziest story lines ever- World wide basketball star Michael Jordon decides to retire being a basketball star and becomes a baseball player. But once that happens. Aliens land on earth, to find a new form of entertainment on there planet. So they come to earth to get the Looney Toons. Then the Looney Toons decide to play basketball as a new way of entertainment on the alien planet. Soooo the Looney Toons kidnap Michael Jordon to help them beat the aliens. And that’s not even all of it.

The first ten minutes of this film is essentially just a music video of how great Michael Jordon is at basketball. So once that headache is over and the animation actually starts, the film regrettably begins.

You could argue that due to the fact that this is a kids film, I should cut it some slack. But it is films like this that inspired the ways of singing chipmunks and dancing penguins. The repetitiveness of rap music and strong blatant references to american culture just alienate and repel the audience. Not everybody in the world watches basketball. Obviously you can still smirk at the wit that the Looney Toons strive to bring to the screen. But the laughs are too surrounded by “Ohh Michael Jordon you’re so good at basketball”. And the scene were the Looney Toons obviously start taking steroids is just heart breaking.

The film isn’t all bad however. Wayne Knight does manage to bring some laughs, Danny DeVito doing animation is always good. But hands down the single best thing about this film (other than the Pulp Fiction reference) is Bill Murray. Who seems to be in a different film entirely and without a doubt brings the most laughs. I’m not even gunna touch on the acting skills of the basketball players.


It simultaneously destroys the childhood love of the Looney Toons and consistently reminds why basketball isn’t a world wide phenomenon. It’s just a shambles, anyone above 5 should stay clear. Bringing the Looney Toons to the big screen, hardly had the magic effect that The Muppets maybe had.

I believe I can fly? This film barley even takes off.

Best Line in the Film:Anything and Everything Bill Murray says. You just can’t help but laugh.


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