Easy Rider (1969)

The film follows Peter Honda and Dennis Hopper as they ride there bikes across America and then they stop to occasionally get high or snort some coke. Written by both Dennis Hopper and Peter Honda, and directed by Dennis Hopper.

More of a documentary than a film, just a personal road trip between Fonda and Hopper than a real film, they’ve just thrown a bemused Jack Nicholson into it to make it look like a proper film. Kind of like in the god awful film that was Transformers 3. It was like if we get proper good actors like Frances McDorman and John Tuturo to do the proper acting than maybe people will take this film seriously and think this is a proper film. That’s what it’s like when Jack Nicholson arrives. You’re just like “oh yeah, this is an actual film”.

Peter Fonda is probably the most wooden actor in film ever! Especially in comparison to Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. Probably two of the most spontaneous actors who are anything but wooden. But we just have this geeky looking Peter Fonda just standing around saying things like “groovy” and explaining to us what a “dude” is. You can’t help but say “shut up Fonda and go home, just stay and do cameos in mid-life crisis films like Wild Hogs!” (Which he probably looked cooler in that than he does throughout this (which is saying something).

Throughout we are introduced to characters I think they want us to care about but you just don’t. I think the only character I have any care in the world for is Jack Nicholson, mainly because he actually manages to raise a bit of a laugh playing this drunken fool.

Genuinely the ending is the best part, not due to the fact that the ending means that the train wreck that is Easy Rider is over but the ending actually gives some sort of clarification that there wont be an Easy Rider 2, plus it is the perfect ending.


The chair I was sitting in was comfortable, the T.V. was good quality; that’s as bout as good as it gets. I suppose the soundtrack is quite good though to be fair. Why the hell this is considered a classic is beyond me. Many say that it’s just dated, but I can’t see myself liking it back in 1969 any more than I like it now.

Best Line in the Film: There’s a bit at the end where everybody’s names start to roll up the screen, that was probably the best part.


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