Woman in Black (2012)

The film follows Daniel Radcliffe, who goes to a small village, in order to sell the deeds to an isolated mansion in the middle of the marshlands. This is where he stays for a week and like everyone in the town says, it truly is haunted…

Refreshing that this kind of horror can actually be scary. In the last couple of years or so we’ve been given lots of haunted house horrors, that start scary and then just spiral down into a big mess of “meh”. But this is brilliantly well made and continues to give the scares continuously even until the final scene.

After a lot of dummy scares I did get a little tired of nothing solid to be afraid of but about 40 minutes in the cheap scares become pretty solid scares and you can’t help but be amazed at the genius of it. It’s kind of like The Others meets Sleepy Hollow, with elements of Suspiria as well, even Evil Dead, in the possessed drawing kind of way. The techniques are genius, the camera work is sublime, the jumps are constant and begin to vary in ways that don’t make them tiring.

And you don’t spend the entire film thinking, “Use your wand Harry.” But you’re too busy not paying attention to Daniel Radcliffe and more to the she’s behind you type stuff going on around him.


An okay little horror flick, but not something you’ll lose sleep over.


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