For A Few Dollars More (1965)

The sequel to A Fistful of Dollars , continues the classic Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood Dollars Trilogy. This time Gian Maria Volente from the first film has escaped  from prison and plans on getting a gang together and robbing a bank, while Clint Eastwood teams up with Lee Van Cleef (a fellow bounty hunter) in order to stop Volente.

I was very much looking forward to this film considering the first one was 5 stars, but it’s not that this one is worse, some scenes in it are incredible and do rival the first tremendously, but you just get lost in the fact that all this cool little moments aren’t held together with as much of a solid story line as the first.

I mentioned the return of Gian Maria Volente, but considering he died in the first one it was a little odd to see him playing a different character in this one. It was much like seeing Carlos Gallardo reaper in Desperado or seeing  David Warner reaper in Star Trek VI or seeing Joe Don Baker come back in GoldenEye. So that I just didn’t understand.

But having Eastwood and Van Cleef as a team is perhaps not as awesome as the beginning scenes wold suggest but is still very interesting, as they are as equally cool and bad ass as each other, even if Van Cleef doesn’t have the screen presence that Clint Eastwood has, he does a good job.

Plus ponchos are cool.


The story isn’t as well structured compared to Fistful, but there are many moments that are effortlessly cool and incredibly well done, I just wish it was held together with more of a solid flowing story. A cool but incoherent sequel.

Best Line in the Film: “Why do you look at me when you say one of us?” Because you’re the only other person in the room Eastwood.


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