The Good The Bad and The Ugly (1966)

The third in the Dollars Trilogy, and probably the best in the Dollars Trilogy. This one pits Clint Eastwood (The Good), Eli Wallach (The Ugly) and Lee Van Cleef (The Bad), against each other as Eastwood and Wallach race against Van Cleef in search of buried treasure during the Civil War. A Fistful of Dollars and For A Few Dollars more however are set after the Civil War so this is in fact a prequel. But this is one of the good prequels unlike X-Men Origins Wolverine,Red Dragon or Phantom Menace. Mainly because it does the great thing of not informing us it’s a prequel every five minutes, and you can forget it’s a prequel, if only it wasn’t for the lack of the Eastwood-Poncho.

I’ve accepted that they are now very loose sequels as Van Cleef turns up in this one as a diffrent character. This “same actor, different character, same franchise” scenario really annoyed me with For A Few Dollars More, but I will make an acception with the Dollars Trilogy now, but it still annoys me with GoldenEye, Star Trek and Desperado.

Either way this is still a fantastic movie, I mean it’s just as cool as the second one, with a solid story line like the first, holding it all together.


This is the best within a trilogy of great films. A fantastic origin to the Eastwood-Poncho and in general just a great film. A generally perfect western adventure, with the hilarious Good and Ugly team leading the way.

Best Line in the Film: “If you’re gunna shoot, shoot. Don’t talk”  – Eli Wallach. Never take bath without a gun.


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