Footloose (1984)

The film is set in a strangely isolated town, with a law against dancing. When Kevin Bacon arrives in town, all he wants to do is, you guessed it dance. So it’s Kevin Bacon versus the world as he tries to convince the town that dancing is good. Despite John Lithgow’s views of no dancing.

Well, this film is pretty much everything you’d expect it to be with the exception of playing chicken with tractors.

The film starts of with some interesting juxtaposition in realities, with the first five minutes being an eighties homage to foot wear and dancing and then straight after throw us into the strange cult like representation of John Lithgow’s religion.

The cast is fairly interesting, with a surprising Chris Penn, an insanely annoying Sarah Jessica Parker, and a completely under used Diane Wiest, who only really appears like half an hour till the end of the movie. Also by the end of the movie, coincidentally everyone is a professional dancer! What a coincidence.

Plus there’s two great cameos from the awkward boom mike.

But I highly recommend this film. It is one of the most fun you’ll have watching a film and it will never not be enjoyable. Truly timeless piece of awesome.


It’s not terrifically well made and the script isn’t fantastic but, that’s just me being picky, I fucking love this film. If you don’t laugh with it, you’re bound to laugh at it.

Best Line in the Film: “You won’t get any dancing here it’s illigal”Chriss Penn “Jump Back”- Kevin Bacon


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