Saturday Night Fever (1977)

“Once a week, after six full days of work in a Brooklyn paint store, Tony (Travolta) douses himself with Brut cologne, dons a floral bodyshirt, gabardine pants and platform shoes, and ritualistically prepares himself for ‘Saturday Night Fever.’ Through the influence of Stephanie, his more sophisticated dance partner, and Tony’s brother, a disillusioned priest, Tony begins to question the way he views life and the narrowness of his perspective. The disco dance sequences and the Bee Gees’ music make the film an accurate and absorbing barometer for the seventies’ generation”

Well I think this film will divide audiences quite vastly, as some will like it for the 70’s disco scene and the other half will just think this is the campest thing ever.

But there is no denying that some of the dancing is vaguely impressive, especially that danced not by John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney, and the acting superb and completely underrated, but even this doesn’t help it from not being a very good film.

I mean, it’s hardly the disco Rocky that it want’s to be, the gang fighting scenes despite how much they reminded me of Warriors were no where close and the emotional last act of the film hardly has the impact it should as the bridge scene just reminded me of Lost Boys.

Plus the language is surprisingly vile. Closer to the pointless bad language of the unnecessary Coen remake the Ladykillers than the art form that swearing is in The Way of the Gun.


Surprising. In the sense that in a film about gang violence, family feuds and sex, all people remember from it is the dance scenes. But in fairness maybe the other scenes are best forgotten.

Best Line in the Film: “Al Pacino! Attica! Attica! Attica!”John Tavolta, and for all those that think he’s Al Pacino


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