Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

“The film follows Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), part time archaeologist teacher and part time action adventurer. Who races against the Nazis in search of the Ark of the Covenant.”

Well I’ll be very surprised if anyone hasn’t seen this film, as I do considered it one of the classic film’s that everyone must see. It is definitely the best Indiana Jones film. Not my personal favorite, but it is the best.

Re-watching it for like the 300th time earlier I realized how funny John Rhys-Davies is and how great the whole thing is, I mean it isn’t without faults but this film is dam close to flawless.

Also features one of my now, favorite actors- William Hootkins, as he’s been in Batman, Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

This is one of those briefer reviews.


Not only one of the best film’s ever made but one of the best characters ever made.

Best Line in the Film: “I am the monarch of the Sea” – John Rhys-Davis

To see how the first compares with the rest, why don’t you check out the rest of my Indiana Jones Reviews.


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