Friday the 13th (1980)

“A group of kids, are trying to re-open a summer camp, when slowly but surely they start getting picked off one by one, by an unknown killer.

Spoiler warning. Well, this is a surprisingly unoriginal film, for a quite original film. Right, the music it self is very Psycho, using the eek eek Psycho style music eek eek, and even with a hint of Jawsin the music, (see the dead guy hanging on the door). Also in the penultimate scene in which Adrienne King is lying in the boat on the lake, the music in that scene is so not, in keeping with the rest of the film, and not in a cool juxtaposing way, I mean, I thought the police were going to pull up and burst in to song!

But like I referenced it to Psycho , I think this film owes a lot to Psycho, I mean, not just the eek eek eek. But also the the villain them self. Spoiler, with in Psycho the final twist is that Norman Bates is in fact killing everyone under the persona of his mother with his mother talking through him, and in this (spoiler) it is flip reversed. Where like 70 minutes in it is revealed, for the first time in the entire film, that the killer is in fact a woman outraged at the death of her son, killing everyone with the voice of her son speaking through her. Which is an interesting plot reshaping.

Like I just mentioned about not seeing the killer for a good 70 minutes or so, this is actually very clever, and works really well, I mean yeah it does the whole point of view shot that makes it hard to think of anything but John Carpenter’s Halloween and I think Black Christmas. But I thought it worked really well as it does it for a continuous amount of time through out.

In true fashion of these types of movies it isn’t a case of who, or if there gunna die but when. And this, I love, but how can three people die before any one notice’s. But there are some fairly interesting death’s especially (spoiler) the Kevin Bacon death; was the killer hiding under the bed the entire time they were having sex…?

You could argue that the film does suffer from the anti-climax curse that most horrors have, with the fight between Adrienne King and Betsy Palmer, not really being terrifying at all, but the next scene in the boat, despite the music, is very good. As well as through out, I mean there are enough jumps through out to keep you entertained.

Plus Walt Gorney is great as Ralph and Ronn Carroll is incredibly, if not more crazy as the policeman.”


A very good, surprisingly original slasher that is an incredibly fun watch.

Best Line in the Film: The moment with the snake is, kind of overly comical. But does get some laughs.


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