The Evil Dead (1981)

“5 friends, rent out a cabin in the middle of no where, centered in the middle of the woods. Where they come across an old book and tape recording in the cellar and accidentally use the book and tape recording to summon ‘the evil dead’.

Well, for what it is, it’s a tremendous film, but all that aside, it is just one big gooey mess of a movie. I mean, it was made on the budget of $400,000 and considering what Sam Raimi did with that, it is remarkable.

This is by no means scary, I mean, it may make you jump, and you may cringe at the excessive, crude amounts of gore and blood, but it’s lack of consistent scares just, you don’t know whether to laugh at how bad it is or not.

Some of the techniques are borderline genius and I genuinely mean that, not just cinematically but the monster’s themselves are fairly clever. Although it is hard to do the whole possessed female thing and not think of the Exorcist. But cinematically like the light bulb filling up with blood or the camera work and revisiting the eye movement thing. But about half way through you do then realize that all narrative has been shot to pieces and that there is a very high chance that if the characters don’t get hacked to death or raped by a tree then they will inevitably just drown in the blood that’s filling up the cabin.

And the one thing that really annoyed me is the last 10 minutes. If John Carpenter’s the Thing, the Muppets or even the first 70 minutes of this film, taught us, is that puppetry, make-up and animatronics are perfectly fine. But about 10 minutes towards the end of this, that is shot out the window and some shoddy stop motion gore splatters across the screen. Your’e just left thinking: what the heck was all that about? And by the time the fun, jumpy juxtaposing music comes at the end credits, your’e so brought down by the previous ten minutes you just don’t care enough to smile at the irony.”


Tremendously well made for what it’s worth but all that doesn’t out way the fact that it’s just a great big gooey, gory mess of a movie. I’m one of those people that prefers part 2.

Best Line in the Film: 


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