Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

“After a miss hap in Shanghai Indiana Jones (Ford), his little sidekick Short Round (Ke Quan) and ‘professional singer’ Willie Scott (Capshaw) escape from Shanghai on an airplane only to the crash land in India near an old little village where the town folk beg Dr Jones to help them to find the sacred stone’s and find all the missing children.

Well, it’s definitely not as strong as the Raiders, story wise, but it still has it’s moments. It’s a little funnier, kinda scarier, just not necessarily better. I mean, it does go in an entirely different direction than the first. This is a lot bigger, in the sense of action, the fact that it’s set before Raiders, kinda of just shows that, this is why Indiana Jones works alone really, for most of it he’s just loosing his temper at either Willie or Short Round.

I’d say the only thing that truly annoys me, is the little kid Short Round, it’s funny the first time but after a while you do have to kinda just say ‘just because he’s Chinese and probably knows Kung Fu, doesn’t mean he could knock out a grown man in one kick’

But over all the Indiana Jones movie charm is still there and the fact that Indiana Jones is practically Han Solo with a hat and whip also seems a lot more obvious in this one but hey, this is still a brilliant addition to the Indiana Jones series.”


Probably the most under-rated Indy Movie. But by no means the worst.

Best Line in the Film: WE. ARE GOING. TO DIE” – Harrison Ford

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