The Hunger Games

“Everybody pretty much knows the story line for this one, but heck I’m gunna tell you any way.”

Set in the future, in a post apocalyptic world war 3. Where area’s of the world are split into 12 different districts. And in order to keep peace, the higher class rulers, The Capitol. Put two people aged 12-18 from each district, into an arena in order to kill each other for entertainment purposes, until one person is left alive.

“I did like the film, it is very good but I did like it with a lot of reservation’s about it.

The two main negative’s I had were that it could have been a little bit longer and a lot more violent. For instance the length is probably just due to the fact it is based on a book, that has mass amounts of information in it and they have to condense it into an hour and a half or two hour movie. So that is understandable. And I am currently trying to read the book, but am struggling to get into it, probably because I’ve just come straight of the back of The Girl Who Played With Fire, witch is a pretty grown up book and going from that to Hunger Games, which could be argued that 12-18 year old kids killing each other isn’t for kids but the style in which Suzanne Collins has written it, is clearly for children. But anyway the violence issue’s. As the target audience for the film is the teenage scope, cuts were made to fit the film into the 12 certificate rating, which is fine had they not removed all the blood. So the film is violent but it isn’t gory enough to be the shocking kind of violence that I feel it should have been and I hope that when the DVD is released there is a copy which says something ridiculous like- “Hunger Games- Extreme Edition: NOW WITH 98% MORE BLOOD!

So there are the obvious comparison’s that everyone makes, with Battle RoyaleRollerball and Running Man. Which are all fair points, especially Battle Royale, and I’m not going to spend the whole time comparing it to Battle Royale but I do highly recommend it, especially if you want to see teenagers fighting each other with blood all over them or you just want to watch a great film. But the arena in which they have to fight is more like the world in which Jim Carrey lives in, in the Truman Show, which is basically the story of a man who’s entire life is being broadcasted on T.V. and all the weather and events that occur are controlled by this godly producer with the press of a button. And this idea has been expanded with the futuristic technology within this film.

Not to say the film isn’t good. All the actors are superb, most notably, Stanley Tucci, Wes Bentley, Liam Hemsworth and obviously Jennifer Lawrence. Woody Harrelson is also good, but I think that Toby Jones was under used but also a little over shadowed next to Stan ‘The Man’ Tucci.

I also wasn’t crazy for the Vivian Westwood meets Tim Burton style fashion the futuristic world has, which can be seen in the trailer, but it’s probably a giant metaphor for consumerism or cultural, future change or whatever.

The CGI is a bit hit and miss, with some scenes it being great and others, maybe not.

Many people have piked up on Gary Ross’s shaky camera style and how annoying that was. But I wasn’t effected by that in the slightest, it just added to the 12 rating really. Were by having the violence briefer and not lingered upon, the certificate can be lowered. So don’t tell him to target the film to a younger audience and then moan at the methods needed to carry it out.

My last grief, is the name ‘Peeta’. Now, I thought it was a stupid name while reading the book, and I still do, whenever Jennifer Lawrence shouts his name she sounds like she’s either doing a poor impression of Lois from Family Guy or doing the worst Boston accent since the Departed or, probably more so, the Town.

Oh and (possible spoiler) it also features one of the biggest cop outs ever, but I won’t say what I’ll just say that it really annoyed me.”


Battle Royale meets the Truman Show, with a 12 certificate. Its alright. Just, alright.

Best Line in the Film: “Congratulations, you just killed a place mat” – Woody Harrelson.


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