Patriot Games (1992)

“Ex C.I.A. analyst Jack Ryan, whilst in England with his family, witnesses a terrorist attack on part of the royal family, and steps in to help unaware of the ramifications. As he stops the terrorist attack he kills Sean Bean’s brother. Causing Sean Bean to go on a personal vendetta against Jack Ryan and his family.

The second in the Jack Ryan Series, puts Harrison Ford in the role of Jack Ryan. Replacing Alec Baldwin in Hunt For Red October. Partly due to ‘scheduling conflicts’ but whole due to the bigger star name that is Harrison Ford. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there both good actors but I would still say that Hunt For Red October is the better of all the Jack Ryan films.

The plot to this one is definitely more, all over the place than Red October, for instance that one was as simple as it sounded; they were hunting for Red October, which just so happened to be a submarine captained by Sean Connery, but with this one, by doing the whole, wrong place at the wrong time and having Sean Bean have an irrational over the top hatred for Harrison Ford, the pace isn’t really quick enough for it to be a solid action film, but it’s not exactly a solid thriller either.

There are some good action sequences, for example the camp raid, from the view of the satellite and especially the last half hour, where Harrison Ford and Samuel L. Jackson eliminate the terrorists. So it is a good spy movie, from the point of view of those not necessarily spying.

The supporting cast are surprisingly good, I think Sean Bean is a great underrated actor, Alun Armstrong, James Fox, Thora Birch, Anne Archer and especially Richard Harris who is superb, and Samuel L. Jackson is okay, I mean he has his moments but it’s not the best he’s ever been.


It’s not as solid as Red October, but still a worthy enough edition to the Jack Ryan series and a pretty good spy film.

Best Line in the Film: I’d tear your heart out and serve it up to you with chips if I didn’t know you’d enjoy it, you Fenian bastard.” – Alun Armstrong. Either that or: “Tits” – Harrison Ford.


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