A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

“Well, for those who don’t know, this is the classic Freddie Kruger, dream killer movie. In which, Freddie, kills kids in their dreams, whilst they are asleep. So like a pre-Inception style mass murderer. The film follows a small group of teenagers as one by one they get piked off in their sleep by Freddie, pretty much the jist of the film.

(Spoilers Ahoy)

Well, the thing is, is that this has a fare share of good and bad in it. Take the special effects for example, what I feel with the special effects is that some moments are visually really impressive like Freddie’s outline coming through the walls, in particular Ronee Blakley’s death is very impressive and one of my personal favorite deaths in any film, ever, or at least the most visually stunning death ever,  I am of course talking about the first time she dies, but coincidentally that helps me prove my point about the good and bad special effects. Were her first death, was visually beautiful and even after Heather Lagenkamp’s character touches the bed you are still impressed. But her second death is one of the second laughably bad moments of special effects in the film, the first being Freddie’s arms stretching across the alley way. But using a rock hard manikin would never fool any one as a substitute for a real person. But at times the effects are best at there simplest, like the fire footprints for example.

The script as well, is at times so embarrassingly bad, teenagers really don’t talk like that, but you can tell that Wes Craven really thinks they do.

I do like that it plays on peoples dislike of the blades across pipes, creating that finger nails on blackboard effect, that really annoys people, and I think that is a nice touch. Some of the gravity shifting deaths are very impressive. I like what Wes Craven does. However the pre-Home Alone style final act of the film, is a right shambles.

Right, my last two points now. Firstly, Freddie Kruger is a really interesting villain. Always treading the line between terrifying and hilarious.

Secondly, Ronee Blakley, who play’s the protagonist’s mum, is very creepy. I know I am probably alone with this one, but, there is something about the mum, she may not necessarily be creepy but she is a creep. And this really annoyed me, or maybe just confused me. The scene where she’s wailing to herself dunk on the sofa, IS creepy and just in general her screen presence is unsettling.”


By no means terrible, and by no means a masterpiece. This is a very enjoyable horror film.

Best Line in the Film: What’s going on here? An orgy or something?  How about a funeral dickhead?”” Ya see it’s this kind of great dialogue that make’s this script so darn good.


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