The King’s Speech (2010)

“In order to over come his stammer, Colin Firth’s wife Helena Bonham Carter hires Geoffrey Rush, a speech therapist to over come his stammer in order to be able to speak publicly.

It’s okay. I did enjoy it, the story it’s self is an interesting one, I’ll warn you now, he only really becomes king about an hour in. And that’s where the film really starts to pick up speed. And all the scene’s with out Geoffrey Rush are a bit ‘ladee da’, but that’s expected from a royal family costume drama and that just makes the merging of Rush’s world and Firth’s world, all that more fun to watch.

Obviously most notably despite my issue’s with pace, the T.V. movie style and such, the acting all over is superb. Colin Firth (obviously Oscar worthy enough to win) is good, Geoffrey Rush is the funner character and makes each scene that he’s in the better half of the film, Helena Bonham-Carter is clearly just enjoying herself and Timothy Spall’s minor role as Winston Churchill is just superb. And to add, Michael Gambon is great and Guy Pearce is surprisingly enough, quite good also.

It is essentially a story about one man triumphantly over coming his stammer to try and raise moral about everyone going to fight in World War 2, where lots of people died. But setting it within the royal family makes it seem more appealing?

But either way an alright film”


A film for grown ups about child like problems.

Best Line in the Film: “Bloody, bloody. Bloody! Shit, shit, shit! Bugger, bugger, bugger! Fuck, fuck, fuck! – Colin Firth

“How the Giraffe is this a 12?”

And for Best Line, the Hitler segment has to be my favorite scene.


2 thoughts on “The King’s Speech (2010)

  1. I’m not sure that I agree. It was impecably acted and faultlessly directed but the plot was lame. You could have told me exactly what was going to happen before you entered the cinema. Not, I suggest, the stuff of a great film.

  2. The King’s Speech is a great little movie that somehow manages to turn a speech impediment into something worth cheering over. It’s a good movie, but definitely didn’t deserve Best Picture Oscar, especially over The Social Network. Good review.

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