RED (2010)

R.E.D. = Retired Extremely Dangerous

“After trying to be executed, for ‘Knowing too much’, Bruce Willis comes out of retirement, kidnaps his would be girlfriend (Mary Louise-Parker) and finds his fellow retired agents, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Brian Cox and Helen Mirren.

I hate to say it, but there really isn’t much to say about this film. I mean, I did enjoy it and a thought it was a good laugh, but that’s all it really is. Just a piece of fun. Disposable light entertainment. You could argue that at times it tries to be a little heavier than needs be and in one of the beginning scenes that features Bruce Willis shooting a few people is definitely overly stylized but, it’s never returned to, so you get over it.

The action is ridiculous but in the laughable sense not enough to get angry about, but one of the cooler stunts is seen in the trailer, but still good to see in the film.

It does the out of retirement thing with a cast that actually could be retired. So it’s not like the whole Sylvester Stallone old man out of retirement type thing, it does it better and more believable, which I like. But I say ‘more believable’ but it’s still outlandish and crazy. John Malkovich is doing the kind of crazy the John Malkovich gets hired to do, Morgan Freeman isn’t the greatest cast member and Bruce Willis and Karl Urban are both surprisingly good.

It’s the BBC program New Tricks meets the Expendables


A funny, action packed piece of light entertainment, that can easily be kept or discarded.

Best Line in the Film:

Bruce Willis: Kordeski trained you? 
Karl Urban: Yea?
Bruce Willis: I trained Kordeski. 


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