Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

“This one see’s Indy in the search for the Holy Grail, once again pitted against the Nazi’s in a race to find it but with his companion this time, being his father.

Well, this one is in fact my favorite Indiana Jones film. It puts together all of the great characters from Raiders, like John Rhys-Davies and Robert Eddison as well as having the hilarious dynamic of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery leading the way.

I think Temple of Doom kind of swerved out out a bit but this one, brought it back on track.

The idea of having River Phoenix as young Indy in beginning scene’s is genius. And like I mentioned the relationship and banter between Sean Connery and Harrison Ford makes me laugh every time, and many moan that this one is too light hearted and comical, but I think it’s exactly what the original trilogy should of ended on and was needed. Also, people moan that it is the most episodic of the original three, but I would say that it isn’t any more episodic than Raiders.

It’s one of those films, were with each viewing, it’s still like watching it for the first time”


I’m willing to let Raiders of the Lost Ark be considered the best Indy film, but that doesn’t stop this one from being my favourite. The perfect ending to one of the greatest trilogy’s around.

Best Line in the Film: 

“Those people are trying to kill us” – Sean Connery,

“I know Dad!”– Harrison Ford,

This is a new experience for me” – Sean Connery,

“Well it happens to me all the time” – Harrison Ford

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