How Marvel and Sony could have shared Spider-Man: My Pitch for Sinister Six/The Amazing Spider-Man 3

sad-spidermanRecently there has been big news about the film rights of Spider-man being sold to, or striking a deal with, Marvel studios. Because until now the rights to Spider-Man cinematically have been owned by Sony. Hence why Spidey isn’t in the Avengers.

Many people have rejoiced in this news stating ‘Spidey is now home’ and I think everyone is pretty much looking forward to seeing Spiderman join the Marvel cinematic universe. But with this news also came some sad news. All of Sony’s Spidey films have now been postponed, including the Sinister Six, the Amazing Spider-Man 3, a possible Venom film and maybe the sadest news is that Andrew Garfield will not be returning at all, to reprise his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.


Pictured: Andrew Garfield’s reaction.

It was expected that Garfield wouldn’t be the spider-man we’d get in the MCU but much like the Flash, I thought we’d get two different versions going at the same time. A Marvel Spidey and a Sony Spidey. Same character just a different actor.


You know, like DC.

And this is pretty much the idea I had on how Marvel and Sony could have learnt to share Spider-Man in one mega shared Universe where if you really stop to think about the money. They both should be fine. I don’t know. In all honesty I’m not really a huge die hard Spider-Man fan so a lot of this pitch might not hold water but I think it’s a damn good idea.

Almost forgot to mention that in 2017, Marvel will release their stand alone Spider-Man film. Possibly an origins story maybe not. So for all you fans out there of murdering the elderly. Good for you, we get another Uncle Ben death. You sick bastards.

The Pitch.


Now the basic jist of my pitch could take place either during the Sinister Six or during the Amazing Spider-Man 3. Both would make sense but I think probably Amazing Spider-Man 3 more so.

The last few minutes of The Amazing Spiderman 2 were really building up to the Sinister Six. With this guy…

Sinister-Six-Amazing-Spider-Man-2And then these little teases during the credits.

spider-man-to-appear-in-captain-america-civil-war-sinister-six-cancelled-9048b22a-c102-4cc0-af44-d7db81b15dbbAnd it would have led to Sinister Six being the next film after AS2 and then after that would have come Amazing Spider-Man 3. So now you’re all up to date. Let’s do this.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-31-at-10.15.38-AM-bannerIt’a a metaphor.

I’m not 100% sure who the cinematic line up for the Sinister Six would have been but both Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus would have definitely been apart of it and Doc Ock is the only really key player in this pitch idea.

Basically the Sinister Six film would consist of lots of fighting. Peter Parker still isn’t completely over the death of Gwen Stacey but Mary Jane is there to help and the end result is that Spidey beats the bad guys. With maybe a couple dying, Doc Ock and Green Goblin escaping underground and the remaining baddies go to jail. Spider-Man doesn’t die.

Then comes The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Probably introduce another bad guy into the mix and there would be the constant presence of ‘Where did Ock and Goblin go?’ This is where to try and get back at Spider-Man. Doc Ock starts looking into ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Parallel Universes’.

1_spider_man_unlimitedAs I stated before I don’t claim to be a Spidey expert but as far as I can see from the few comics I’ve read and games I’ve seen. Dimensions and multiple different Spider-men seem to be a recurring theme.


Now both these games deal with dimensions and multi-verse theories. My basic pitch is – ‘What if that was introduced into the cinematic universe of Spider-Man?’

After Spider-Man defeated all six of the Sinister Six single handedly, the best idea for the remaining two members would be to call for back up. So Goblin would help free all the prisoners and hence Doc Ock’s exploration into dimensions and multi-verses. If he can open these portals all these different versions of Spider-Man villains would come out and cause mayhem across New York and this is where at the climax of the film you would get all these different styles of villain come out. Here are just a few of the multiple Doc Ock’s I found.

 images images-1sinister-six-doctor-octopus Doctor_Octopus_Armed_and_Dangerous

So all these different Villains come out but obviously with the bad comes the good and after about 10 minutes of being overwhelmed by all these villains, obviously multiple different Spider-Men come through as well. Much to Ock and Goblins disapproval.


This is where you could have some fun as a film maker and just a geek of the series. Because most of this would be CGI so you could just get famous actors who have been or voiced Spidey in the past to revive their roles, you could have Tobey Maguire or Neil Patrick Harris be Spider-man again just for the hell of it. You could really go all out on this scene with all the multiple characters coming through from different time periods and universes.

Spidey Noir

I’m looking at you Noir

Now take this bit or leave it. Obviously Garfield Spider-Man isn’y fully over the death of Gwen Stacey. So could a Gwen Stacey come through a portal from a world where Peter Parker died that night instead of her? Or even this Gwen Stacey…


Spider Woman Gwen Stacey

And this would lead to the Gag of the century. With all these multiple different versions of characters. Who has stayed the same? Played by the exact same actor?


In unison 6 different Spider-Men- “You have got to be kidding”

Then after much fighting and Spider-Man ‘winning’. Garfield Spider-man would help send back all the different Spider-men and villains back to there proper universes and this is how you could retire this Garfield Spider-Man franchise. He’s defeated all the bad guys and got Gwen Stacey back somehow (with or without Spidey’s powers, that’s up to you). But that’s not Sony saying good bye to Spidey though. Once you’ve introduced the idea of multi-verse Spider-men you can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want. Sam Raimi could make Spider-Man 4! You could have a ‘Dimensions Saga’. Make about 4 different Spider-Man films. See which work. Sony could have 4 different Spider-Man franchises at once if they wanted. It’s also a great way of throwing Venom into the mix.


Pictured: Not Topher Grace.

Now time for the ‘End Credit Sting’. Cut to Garfield Spider-Man chatting to Miles Morales Spider-Man in Doc Ocks lab where the main portal machine is.  Obviously Miles and Parker have a lot to talk about as Miles Morales became spider-man after the death of Peter Parker. They say their goodbyes and Miles goes through the portal straight into swinging through New York. He sees something in the distance and we’re not sure what it is. He lands on an adjacent sky scraper and says “Well that’s new”. Camera turns to reveal the Avengers tower. BAM! Goosebumps.

This is how you introduce a Spider-Man into the MCU without having to do a stand alone origins story. Plus you have the distinction between, Oh Sony have there Dimensions thing going with Peter Parker and Marvel has Miles Morales.


Take that Hawkeye! Ya dick head!

Thanks for reading my article or at least looking at the pictures. I don’t claim to be an expert or a comedian. You can always hit me up on twitter @MrEthanParkin or Instagram @FantasticMrEthan.


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