Jaws (1974 Novel)


Jaws by Peter Benchley is the 1974 novel that subsequently became the fantastic 1975 film of the same name.

The book itself is a very interesting read. The book is less about a killer shark and more about what the shark may represent, as the Chief of police’s life starts to crumble around him. A character study that happens to feature a shark. A shark that is written very well. Benchley has a great way of presenting the shark in a non-ridiclous way.

The differences between this book and the film tend to surmount to Ellen Brody’s plot line that is completely removed from the film, which is a shame but not at the same time. The film is so good without it but it is a key aspect of the novel.


It’s harsh to say I prefer the film, but this is a terrific book that stands alone on its own merits and is worth a read.


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