Jaws 2 (1978 Novel)


Jaws 2 by Hank Searls is the novelisation of the film of the same name. Although this novel is based on a very early draft of the script and the end result is nothing like the film. This novel delves more into the mafia aspects the first book touched on and has a sub plot about a seal.

I would say this is book isn’t quite as good as the first Jaws. But it is a very good book. The differences it has from the film and the similarities it shares with the first book help it to stand alone as a novel and not just a cash grab novelisation. It works as a sequel to the book as it stays faithful to that by mentioning certain characters dying that didn’t die in the film and certain relationships.

Thats the one thing that annoyed me about the book is the lack of Ellen Brody. Throughout the first book she plays a very prominent role. As I have mentioned before, the first book is more about relationships, and Chief Brody and what the shark may represent and a big thing is the Chief’s wife having an affair. So it’s sad to see her go through that and then be sidelined in the sequel. I understand the changes made to remove this plot point from the film but it’s just a shame to see it removed somewhat here.

I don’t think Searl is as good at writing about the shark as Benchley was. Thats not to say he’s bad at it, I just don’t think its as good and I think some of the Mafia sub plots are a bit heavy towards the end but it surmounts to a fairly good read. The ending, much like the first book does just arrived, with bitter sweet satisfaction and I really don’t mind the sub plot with the seal.


A very good little sequel that works with the first book as well as an interesting look as to what Jaws 2 could have been.


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