Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)


So, the Twin Peaks prequel aye?

Now I do love Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks the TV series. This other than sharing the name and some characters is not the TV series. Not in the tone of the piece or in understanding. Multiple times I thought, that was out of character or that character wouldn’t do that and I heard that some actors turned down a chance to return because they didn’t agree with their cinematic representation. And I can’t blame them.

The film itself is a prequel to the TV series. The TV series got cancelled after 2 series and around half way through the second series you know it’s going to get cancelled, it becomes a mess, they try and tie everything up which causes more problems and there’s a serious drop in quality. It ultimately results in a cliff hanger ending. What would have been nice is a sequel to the series, like the fantastic Firefly did with Serenity. I know we are getting another series of Twin Peaks in a few years but I just don’t understand the point in this prequel. The main plot of the series is ‘Who killed Laura Palmer?’ But watching the prequel you find out immidietly, meaning that if you wanted to test the waters, see what you think of Twin Peaks the film is the worst thing to start with. Like I said the tone doesn’t match up either. Also, you find out all the horrible things that happened to Laura Palmer such a as rape and the eventual murder and it’s horrible to hear about these things, why make a prequel to show us? I’d rather had a sequel.

Another thing the series does towards the end is dive into bizarre serialism. The whole series was bizarre but in a kooky kind of way and this film is more of the bizzare surrealism that contributes itself to the second half of the Twin Peaks series. The crap half. To give it some credit however, Sheryl Lee is a superb actress and she is probably the only one worth mentioning in the field of acting. Maybe Ray Wise as well.

Ultimately pointless and unnecessarily bizarre. Why are there no subtitles in the night club scene? Pretentious rubbish.


Doesn’t work as an effective prequel nor a good stand alone film. Don’t waste your time.


Best Line in the Film:

Who cares, the film broke me.


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