JAWS (1975)


Jaws, is one of, if not the greatest films ever made.

This is why I’m such a fan of horror films. When I was younger I would watch this film religiously every day but then every night I would be too scared to sleep, despite being safe on dry land. I always imagined my bed to be the Orca and I was Quint and a shark would bite me and the bed both in half. My brother used to comment on how in my dreams I’m not even the main character. I mean, now I watch this film with even more joy than I did then but it doesn’t mean I can swim in the sea without freaking out. I’m not afraid of sharks, if anything this film brought out a fascination I have for sharks.

Everything about this film is spot on. I’ve seen it a thousand times on VHS, a few times on DVD and BluRay and it’s just great. A few years ago I had the pleasure of watching it on the big screen at my local cinema and it was like watching it for the first time, funny, scary and  so damn good.

The casting is fantastic, Robert Shaw in particular. Roy Scheiders understated performance really works, especially the second half of the film on the Orca.

Spielberg does this great thing of levelling the suspense with little snippets of humour and when I was a kid I think a few little quips went over my head but now watching it I can really appreciate how clever this film actually is. A lot of what Hendricks says is just silly good. 

In comparison to the book, it does leave out a lot of Brody’s wife and the relationship she has with Hooper the marine biologist. But in this case it’s okay. The film is a masterpiece in itself whereas the book is more of an emotional study that features a shark. With that it’s more of what the shark could represent but here the shark can be just a shark. They both stand alone on their own merits. 

The only issue is probably the countless copy cats this film inspired. But even them I have a soft spot for.


Not just one of the best Horror films ever made but one of the best films ever made.


Best Line in the Film

Too many to choose from.


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