The Power Rangers Film We All Need

Hello there dear readers of this wonderful blog. My name is Louis Sherman, a good friend of the great man who writes this blog. He has asked me to write-up  few ideas I have for a ‘Power Rangers’ feature film. Let me first say that I love Power Rangers, I grew up with them and to this day love them. My passion has always been to write and direct my own big-screen version of them, and create something that went against the current ‘Nolanisation’ of these kind of children programmes, as that is essentially what they are.

The first key thing I want readers to understand about my idea is that it will not be one of those ultra gritty, dark, edgier versions of a well-established TV show. So no, it wont be like the recently released ‘POWER/RANGERS’ from Joseph Kahn, nor the Michael Bay produced ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. No instead I would keep it like it should be, bright, childish, yet unashamedly brilliant. Blood and guts is not the Power Rangers way, crazy alien villains and brilliant fight sequences, with a few clichés thrown in, is. To me anyway. The whole film would hinge on this chosen theme. Now, I am not saying I would copy it exactly from TV, tonally it would have to be more dramatic and slightly more grown up, but the key ideas would be transferred in a more modern, cinematic experience way.

Now the big plot behind it all. By all, I mean that in my brain this is a 6-film epic franchise like no other. However, I am not talking $150 million budgets and 300 minute run times, instead I am talking smaller budgets, with a variety of styles and directors. This would run very similarly to the usual writer of this blogs ideas for ‘Spider-Man’. The films would not kick off with an origin story however. Origins in cinema have been done over and over, and only the ‘Spider-Man’ films have gone into the kind of story I am thinking off. The first film would kick of with the Power Rangers as a fully formed set of ‘enhanced’ youthful teenagers. A time not far on from the present, it would show a world not much different to ours either. However, the Power Rangers would not be some sort of secret military arm. They would be obvious to everyone, effectively 5 people known worldwide for the disasters they have put a stop to. This would be heavily influenced by ‘Power Rangers: SPD’ one of my favourite versions of the TV show. They would be government-funded and produced, with each ranger given a colour representing their continents. Red for the Asia, usually the leader, and without doubt Asia would be the leader in this slightly more modern world. Blue for Eurasia, Green for South America and the Amazon, Pink for Europe, with Yellow representing Africa and its Saharan morning sun. Each ranger would be a teenager. Teenagers would be young and naive and easily manipulated for whatever ‘plans’ were put in pace for them. This would be a key element, to see them grow up through the series and learn more and more about being a Ranger.

However, the key is they would NOT be some kind of superheroes. They would be an image of this ‘great police force’ almost, that governments had created. Instead of having the ability to fly or something, they would have science-based technology ‘bestowed’ upon them, very futuristic weapons and armour and such, not just latex. This still would, however, have the look of classic power rangers and not go down that grounded route that so many other films have tried.

A couple of the films would also be spread across a 100 year interval, showing the ever declining nature of the Rangers and their worth as the series went on. It would immediately start in the 2050’s. This would lead to the ability to have futuristic weapons as well as show a slightly alternative world where peace has come about due to the Rangers, but may be about to fall apart again. These 100 year intervals would also lead to different time frames with different Ranger characters and colours. Each Ranger ‘squadron’ would have different tasks and slowly learn more about why they have been created and put together in the first place. This reason I am still to figure out, however without doubt their invention and creation would not be for wholly good purposes.

Story wise they are the ideas I hope to build on, and hopefully bring you further progress in future guest blogs, but of course I have missed out one key piece of the Power Rangers ‘mythology’ . The Megazord.

This of course would be an awesome set piece and sequence, it would be a properly mind-blowing reveal in some way. Probably built up throughout a  few films until its ultimate reveal. I’d use the megazord like a type of god creation. Maybe only used in battle or during a disaster once and always hailed as some sort of rumour. It would give it a feel or greatness and really add a wow-factor, I believe anyway. Its reveal may not arrive until the third or fourth film, but it would be worth the wait.

As you can see I still have a lot to think about and build upon, but hopefully I will one day bring this great, if crazy, idea to fruition. I hope you enjoyed this guest blog and hope to write on here again in the future!


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