Batman Begins (2005)

The first in the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan. The funny thing about this film is how many people didn’t realize it even existed until after the release of the Dark Knight, which is funny because this is a really good film and a good reinvention of the Bat-Franchise.

I love that this films proper opening of Bruce Wayne is within a prison and I love the gritty realism of the proceeding franchise. I don’t like the effect this has had on other superheros but hey, for every Jaws there’s a Shark Attack 3. Whilst we’re on the dark realism of the film it’s funny to mention how well it does it. There is a string of early 2000 superhero films that are just ridiculous in their attempts at a brooding hero but this does it well.

The cast is superb. Christian Bale is good as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Taking on a completely different persona as the batman. It’s also good to mention how underrated Gary Oldman is in this film, as Gordon, he brings this weight to the character that should be there. Morgan Freeman is good in a slightly comedic role and I don’t have a problem with Katie Holmes and Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine are always superb.

My only real complaint with this film is probably the third act. The plot the league of shadows have seems out of line with the rest of the film. I love the idea of them taking down Gotham and the fear toxin taking out the city but it feels like its tacked on because that’s what superhero films have, big outlandish endings. Especially when you compare it to the second film that handles it slightly better.


Fantastic first outing for Nolan’s Batman.



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