The Dark Knight (2008)

The sequel to the great, Batman Begins (2005). When this film came out a lot of people I know didn’t realize it was a sequel. A great sequel it is. Setting itself up as more of a crime film that just so happens to feature Batman instead of a straight up comic book film. This, as I said in my Batman Begins review was one of the problems I had. The first one was this great film with a stapled on superhero ending that felt out of place. This film in comparison has another film stapled onto the back of it. I don’t mind this but it is the problem I have with Christopher Nolan and how he doesn’t always know when to end his films.

It’s almost a cliche now to say how great Heath Ledger is in this film but it is the undeniable truth that the man is a powerhouse when it comes to his performance as the Joker. Christian Bale is also good once again as Bruce Wayne and his performance as Batman is also great in this one. The scene with both Batman and the Joker in the interrogation room is one of the best scenes in any film. If we compare it to Heat the Robert DeNiro/Al Pacino film that it clearly takes influence from, people only ever talk about the two leads, in this case the Joker and Batman and no one really mentions anyone else and I’m not saying Val Kilmer is as good as Gary Oldman but Gary Oldman is one of the best things in this film (as well as the batpod) and it is just as much about him as it is Batman and the Joker.

I don’t really blame people for not realizing this is a sequel. It is a good self contained superhero film that I think helps with it’s universal acclaim. It does become very long and there are a few bits that seem drawn out or unnecessary but it continues to be one of the best superhero films there is. Except the bullet in the wall scene and the fingerprint. However you look at that it makes no sense, Nolan’s Batman isn’t as great a detective as he should be.

The one thing that did annoy me after seeing it the first time is that there are no bats. A batman film without any bats? Whaaaatt!?


Undeniably the best film of 2008.



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